Childhood Trauma

I overheard this conversation while doing some sketches at a pub.


How Fast? Tums fast

A series I worked on with Colour from ideation, story boarding, production and editing.
I think it worked out beautifully.
Please enjoy these cheeky shorts. It wont take long:


Adventure Shopping Shorts

I was assistant editor on a show called Adventure Shopping for The Shopping Channel. Their first episode, Shopping New Voudou brought the stories of four Haitian artisan groups and their handmade art to over 11 million households. I'm not sure where the episode lives now, but here are some shorts I edited with some of the extra footage:


Tower Power

This photo was taken outside of the Hearn Generating Station



The Witch Girls

Riley & MacKenna

This is a Limbo portrait of some of the coolest kids I know.

Inspired by the comic book stylings (Seven Soldiers, specifically) of Mr. Frazer Irving.